Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wild West Old Time Photos

In West Yellowstone we went to a store that does old time photos. I was so excited. We got the kids all dressed up, and they had so much fun. After they got their pictures taken, they all wanted to keep their outfits.
The boys trying not to smile.
Cooper wanted to play with his gun.
This is their "serious" picture.

This is the top picture in color.

Island Park

We went to Island Park, Idaho for our family vacation this year. We stayed at Ashley's parents' condo. We had an absolute blast. We went to Yellowstone, rafting down the river, four wheeling, boating, geo caching, digging, swimming, and ate buffalo. It was so nice to go somewhere new. I forgot my camera, so Ashley was our photographer for the week. Thanks for a fun vacation Ryan and Ashley. We were packed tight!

Geo caching. The kids loved the treasure chest.

The kids looking for the fish at Big Springs.

More geo caching.

Cooper made a rock tower.
All of us at Ashley's grandparents.
Cooper roasting marshmallows.
Kenzie and Ashley.

Tanner and Ashley's brother Jacob.
Daddy and Kenzie on the four wheeler.

Mommy and Cooper.
Tanner and Daddy ready to ride.
Old Faithful.
The boys found the geo cache by themselves.
The kids with Ashley's brothers.

Waiting for Old Faithful.

Next to Old Faithful.

Getting ready to raft down the river.
The kids were so excited.