Friday, February 29, 2008

Sick of being sick!

We are so tired of being sick at our house! Kevin started throwing up on Tuesday morning. Wednesday Cooper and I woke up with a fever, cough, headache, and sore throat. In due time we decided the throwing up thing would be fun, so we picked up on it. Kevin quarantined us to my room so we could "control" who was sick. Not so much. Tanner came down with a fever on Thursday and we are hoping that Kenzie doesn't get it. Every time that we think Cooper is getting better, he throws up randomly. Enough is enough!Mommy please let us play.
I wish I could go out and play.

Can I watch another cartoon?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Coming home with a cat.

Kenzie came home from piano lessons with a cat today. She was so excited. She was walking home from piano and someone in the ward had a cat. She gave them a quarter (she gave it to them and then they gave it back) and she came home with a cat. She told me that she bought a kitty on the way home from piano. She said she would take care of it, and it could sleep in her room. She showed me the "kitty" which was actually a cat. Daddy got involved since I wasn't feeling well. He talked to Kenzie about the cat. She was in tears and so sad that she brought the cat home. Daddy and Kenzie talked and agreed to take the cat back. They took the cat back to its owner and discussed getting a kitty in the future. Kenzie was a good sport and ended up happy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The kids didn't have school on Monday so we wanted to do something fun. Cooper had a runny nose, and Kevin had a lot of work to do. Ryan and Ashley came over and we took Kenzie and Tanner to the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake. We went to the Planetarium and hung out at the mall. We got a carmel apple and a apple pie marshmallow. The kids had fun. Thanks for playing Ryan and Ashley! Tanner and Kenzie on Mars.

Kenzie and Tanner at the Planetarium.

Tanner and Kenzie on the moon.

Will Mickey do the trick?

We went to Target today and found Mickey Mouse roos. Cooper was so excited since Mickey is his favorite thing in the world. Will Mickey Mouse help us potty train Cooper? What are the chances?
Cooper with his new roos.

Cooper showing me his Mickey Mouse roos.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Thanks so much Elisa :) Here it goes...

Kevin and I were newlyweds coming up on our 2 month anniversary. We were both going to school at UVSC. Kevin was working nights as a janitor and I was looking for a job. We were both very young and immature.

1. Clean my house.
2. Go grocery shopping.
3. Work on my primary lesson.
4. Pay my bills.
5. Scrapbooking.

I would buy a new house.
Buy a brand new Toyota Sequoia.
Help any family that needed it.
Pay for my kids education and missions.
Put some in Kevins 401K.
Go on a disney cruise with my family.
Put the rest in the bank.

Watching TV until I fall asleep at night.
Wearing my glasses to bed.
Eating out.

I went skydiving when I turned 18. Funny how that worked out since I'm a total whimp and I'm afraid of heights.

I tag Mom, Sharlene, and Tammy.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Are we doing this wrong?

Cooper is slowly getting interested in the "potty". He got new Cars underoos, and of course gumballs. All our kids got potty trained with gumballs. Cooper apparently doesn't know what to do with more than one pair of roos.
Where do I put my roos?

Cooper with his gumballs.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chuck E Cheese's

We decided to spend a fun family day together. We started with decorating Valentine's cookies. Fun, but messy. Chuck E Cheese's was next on the list. We should've known that when there are no parking spots, it is going to be very busy. There were so many birthday parties. We went with the MacDonald's, and the six of them and the five of us cramed in one table. It's okay though, the pizza was totally worth it :) The kids had so much fun. Yay for Chuck E Cheese's.
The prizes are the best part.

How many kids can you get on one ride?

Cooper's a crazy driver, watch out!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Our Newest Member of the Church

What a successful day! Kenzie was baptized and confirmed by her Grandpa Smith. The baptism was absolutely wonderful. We had great support from our family and friends. Thanks so much for celebrating this wonderful day with us. We love you all!

Kenzie with Mom and Dad.

Kenzie with Grandma and Grandpa.

Kenzie posing for the camera.
Tanner, Cari, Kenzie, Kevin, and "no nap" Cooper.
Kenzie and her best friend Emma Patterson.

Kenzie's 8th Birthday

Kenzie had such a wonderful 8th birthday. Her favorite present was her High School Musical "ipod". Whe was lucky enough to get out of school early to have lunch at Sakura with her Grandparents. Her best friend Emma came ovver for a Hannah Montana Party. The girls, along with Cooper and Tanner had so much fun. Pizza, ice cream and cake, party poppers, silly string fight, and fun,fun, fun.
The kids with Hannah Montana.

Kenzie with her cake.

Sakura with Grandma Harward and Grandma & Grandpa Smith.