Monday, October 27, 2008

Lia Sophia Jewelry

I decided to start selling Lia Sophia jewelry. It is so fun for me. I get to do parties, and kind of have a social life since Kevin is gone all week. Here are a couple of pictures of my table. If anyone is interested in having a party, getting a catalog, or ordering for Christmas, Let Me Know!!!

Decorating Pumpkins AGAIN!!!

We decorated pumpkins AGAIN! Two times a charm this year. The pumpkins that we decorated before died. Kevin threw them away. Luckily our wonderful neighbor works at Thanksgiving Point, and he gave us three huge pumpkins yesterday. We decided to decorate them for FHE, so I went to get the pumpkins, and the biggest one was gone. I guess someone decided it needed to go to their house last night. Anyway, the kids had so much fun. We used Mr. Potato pieces, and animal pieces.
These are mommy's pumpkins.
Cooper got very creative.
Kenzie's pumpkin was the one that got stolen, so she decorated some little ones.
We used a drill to get the pieces in the pumpkins.

High School Musical 3

On Friday we went to go see High School Musical 3. It was so fun to see it in the theatre. Kenzie and Tanner loved it, and Cooper kind of liked it. Here is a picture of my kids with the gang.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Playing with Halloween Stuff

My boys are so excited for Halloween. We got our Halloween bucket out and the kids have been playing with everything. My boys are both dragons this year, and they think they need to jump on the tramp in their costumes.

They love pretending that they are vampires.

Halloween FHE

Reed and Elisa invited us over for FHE. The kids had a blast! We carved pumpkins and decorated cupcakes. Kenzie's pumpkin was a cat, Tanner's was a ghost, and Cooper's was a smily face.
Halle and Cooper hiding behind their pumpkins.
Kenzie's cat pumpkin.

Kevin got out the power tools for heavy duty carving.

Tanner's ghost pumpkin.
Can you tell that Cooper didn't get a nap for 2 days.
There's my happy Cooper.
Mommy and Tanner.

The kids cupcakes.

Tanner lost his first tooth

Well September 26th was an exciting day for us. Tanner had a loose tooth, and played with it all day long. He really wanted to his tooth to fall out so he could get some money. Luckily aunt Ashley was over, and she pulled it right out. Tanner was so excited!

Kenzie got her ears pierced

We went to the mall with Ryan and Ashley on September 26th. It was Ryan's birthday and we were hanging out. Kenzie wanted to go to Claire's and about 45 minutes later, Ashley and I talked her into getting her ears pierced. She was so scared, but after all was said and done, she said it didn't hurt.