Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

After the hectic weekend of Cooper's birthday and all the planning, Mother's Day was a nice opportunity to relax and get pampered a little. Kevin and the kids let me sleep in and they made breakfast for me. My big present was a 4-hour spa pass. The kids each got me a present from Bath and Body Works and together they got me a cute flirty apron. Since my mom was out of town and Kevin's mom was having dinner at his sisters, we took the day relatively easy - went to church and visited some friends and family. Happy Mothers Day. We love you!

Terrible Twos are Over!!

Cooper turned three on Saturday. He had such a fun birthday. He wanted a Go Diego Go birthday with an aligator ice cream cake. We had a huge silly string fight in the backyard, followed by a BBQ and cake. Cooper is such a cutie and we love him so much!

Cooper during our silly string fight.
The boys with Grandma Harward.
Kever-poo made a birthday hat for Cooper.

School Carnival

Friday night was the school carnival. The kids had so much fun. Kenzie got to hang out with Emma, and the boys loved all their prizes. Amy was in charge of the silent auction and we got tons of awesome deals. It was a fun family night.
Daddy couldn't get enough cotton candy.
Cooper had a blue shark painted on his face.
Kenzie getting a butterfly.
Tanner got a dinosaur painted on his face.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Last Day of Soccer

Tanner had his last soccer game tonight. He had so much fun playing soccer this year. He made seven goals, which is amazing, since last season he would barely touch the ball. Here is a picture of him with his awesome soccer medal.

Warm enough for sprinklers

We finally had a warm day today! I was watering the lawn, and the boys ran in the house and put their swimsuits on. They played in the water for a while and then rode their bikes. Kenzie missed out on the fun, she was at a friends house.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fasting is hard!

Kenzie decided that since she is eight she needs to start fasting. Today was fast sunday and she decided she would fast breakfast. It was so hard for her since her brothers got to eat. She said she wanted to fast, but she just wanted a piece of toast or some juice. We talked about how you can't eat or drink and she said that Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights. We got home from church and she did it. I am so proud of her desire to try hard and choose the right!

No more training wheels

Our very determined/stubborn child, Tanner decided he was going to learn how to ride a two wheeler. The training wheels came off, and a hour later, this is what happened...

Way to not give up Tanner!

Field Trip

I had a wonderful opportunity to go with Tanner on his field trip. We went to the BYU Bean Museum and I was in charge of five very energetic boys. Tanner had so much fun. After walking around the museum for over an hour we got to go to a reptile presentation. That was Tanner's favorite part of his field trip.

Just Can't Get Enough

Yes, we went geo caching again. It's a super fun FHE activity.